[Exhibition broadcast] 2019 South American Columbia Photovoltaic Exhibition CSUN SOLAR TECH Brilliant bloom!

On July 11-13, 2019, South American Columbia Photovoltaic Exhibition was held at the Medellin International Exhibition Center. The Colombian government attaches great importance to the use of solar energy and is committed to the academic agenda to solve the current problems of photovoltaic solar energy. The “CSUN SOLAR TECH” brought the products of PERC high-efficiency components and patch components to the NO.276 booth, demonstrating the leading technical strength and product advantages of the CSUN SOLAR TECH industry.

The products and programs of the exhibition attracted many customers from South America, such as Colombia, Mexico and Panama. They expressed great interest and positive evaluation of our technical and professional capabilities. CSUN SOLAR TECH has always been focusing on overseas markets and continues to expand its market share with high-quality component products. Efficient, cost-effective products and services, and meeting the differentiated needs of customers have always been the pursuit of our company.

In recent years, CSUN SOLAR TECH has been based in Asia, and the global industrial layout radiated to the Americas, Europe, Oceania and other regions has performed well overseas. Through this exhibition, more overseas customers have also deepened their understanding of CSUN SOLAR TECH. In the future, CSUN SOLAR TECH will continue to be close to the needs of global customers and continue to advance in the development of the global green energy industry! Better solar better life!

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