DuPont executives visited CEEG

On the first working day of the beginning of the new year (January 3, 2019), four people from the US DuPont Wang and his team met at the CEEG Industrial Park. The two sides exchanged views on the joint promotion of products and brands in the photovoltaic field in 2019. Initially reached a consensus on cooperation.

Lu Tingxiu, Chairman of CEEG, Lu Han General Manager of the Company, and Lian Junshan, Director of the Group Office, accompanied the reception.

At the symposium, the two sides indicated that they will strengthen in-depth cooperation, integrate advantageous and innovative resources as soon as possible, identify the entry points for cooperation, create new models for research and development, incubate new products, and strive for cooperation projects to win future opportunities and consolidate each other in the field of new energy.

DuPont Asia Pacific President enters CEEG

On December 25, 2018, Su Xiaoshi, the global vice president and president of Asia Pacific, DuPont visited the CLP, and Lu Tingxiu, the chairman of CEC Electric, gave them a high-standard reception.

The two sides held a discussion and exchange in the reception room of CLP Electric. Lu Han, general manager of China Electric Power Co., Ltd., and Lian Junshan, director of the group office, accompanied the reception.

DuPont is a world-renowned technology company with innovative products and services in many areas. The DuPont executives’ visit and study laid a good foundation for deepening the cooperation between the two sides and establishing a good strategic cooperative relationship.

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